You write… we publish… TOGETHER WE REDUCE STIGMA!

We’re looking for writers with bipolar to join our team of authors to help spread awareness and information to our community and the greater public at large through the Bipolar Writer’s Guild.

If you’re interested in joining a team of like-minded individuals then consider joining our writing team.

How do I get started?

Join the Bipolar Writers Guild group, you’ll need to have a Bipolar Daze account in order to join the group, you can register here if you haven’t already.

Alternately, if you do not wish to join Bipolar Daze you can still help contribute on Facebook by joining the Bipolar Writers Guild Facebook Group. You’ll clearly need to have a Facebook account for this.

How much will I get paid?

Whoa, that’s a completely reasonable question, however, this is not a paid position at this time.

What do we write about?

We write about any and all issues faced by those with a mental health condition. As you can imagine, the topics are sure to be wide and quite varied. In short, you can write about anything that’s on your mind that you feel could be of help to others.

Some examples may include:

  • Articles about the current state of mental health care where you live.
  • Articles about current events as they pertain to mental health care.
  • Articles about living with and coping with bipolar disorder and it effects on your daily life.
  • Editorial content that resonates with fellow peers.
  • … and virtually anything else that makes sense for the platform.

How does the article submission process go?

Simple. Once you’ve logged into your account you’ll be able to see the publishing system for the site, we call them social articles here because every member has the opportunity to create engaging content and share it with the rest of the community. Go to your account page overview to get started! (top right of the site, My Profile)

You choose the topic! You choose the angle! You choose the time to submit the article!

Its a no-pressure system. Tweak your article as much as you need, make it a true asset to the community, and submit for approval when you’re ready.

All Done? Help us promote your article on social media!

We automatically share new articles on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. But nothing gets the word out faster than a quick share from the author directly to their friends.

Once your article has been published you can use the quick links at the bottom of the article to share it with friends, family, and your network in general! Every mention counts, and every new person that reads brings more light to the topic!

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